Omaha Nebraska Wedding

The farthest west I had ever been before Nebraska was PA. So Lara and I traveled to Omaha Nebraska for Ebie and Zachary’s wedding. I love love second shooting and my favorite person in the world to second shoot for is Lara. So Nebraska did live up to it’s rumors of being flat. Like, flat flat. So you could see amazing amounts of sky just everywhere. And the fields full of wild flowers had be swooning. I really wish my backyard could look like that!

Dont’s you love Ebie’s look when the Priest announces them as husband and wife? And Lara (the one with the camera folks) with all her collage friends who came out for the wedding! Thanks so much Lara!


I’m swooning over the bride in front of the stained glass… Absolutely stunning!

I think you capture something extra everytime and I love everything you do!

I loved that stain glass window! It was just chunks of color instead of classic stained glass.