Olde Mill Inn NJ Wedding

I kept joking with Kara and Chris I would have to shoot their wedding in 4-5 inch heels because even at 5’7 (and a half mind you) I kinda had to do a mini jump if I wanted a certain shot of them. Kara is like that girl who’s not afraid to laugh out loud, get excited, and all around be funny. But wrap that into a woman who’s just jaw dropping lovely and you wish you could grab her, take her to the model agencies and scream ‘HELLO! This is what America would like to see!! Someone badass inside and out!’.

And she found her partner in crime, Chis, who is also tall (this was mentioned in the vows people), and just as wonderfully goofy as she is. Between the engagement shoot and the wedding, my whole lower face hurt after seeing them. They seem to always be trying to make one another smile or snort or just bend over laughing. It must run in the family though. During the reception, everyone had given their toast except Chris’s brother. A big projector screen went up. Music started playing. And Chris’s brother promptly led us through some of Chris’s awkward moments as a child and teenager. I have seen lots of toasts. Usually? A bit boring or too long or too ‘inside joke’ where the person toasting might be laughing but the rest of the room is dead quiet. And uncomfy. But that toast has won ‘Best Toast of 2011’ in my mind. I think the entire room was trying not to choke on their dinner they were laughing so hard. I was slightly afraid it was going to send Kara into respiratory distress.


Venue Olde Mill Inn // Catering Olde Mill Inn // Officiant Dan Epstein // DJ Aria Melody DJ
Makeup & Hair La Sorella Bridal // Dress & Wrap Adrienne’s Bridal /Hair Flower Fascinate Me // Suit J Crew

Kelly has done really good work.. I like your work Kelly.

Gorgeous Bride, beautiful pictures! We love to see blogs of weddings at our venue!
Thank you for posting!
Lindsay Stewart
Sales Manager at the Olde Mill Inn

Kelly I just saw this! I just screamed into the other room to Chris “we made the blog!” Such a pleasure getting to know you and your work is stunning! I love checking back in and seeing who else “made it”!

I can’t get over how gorgeous this bride is! Beautiful work, Kelly. I LOVE the one of her on the floor and her husband laughing hysterically.