Old Town Alexandria Virginia Engagement

January had just begun. Christmas wreaths were still out. And in Old Town Alexandria, all the colorful, historic doors still had festive props. So it was a great time to walk around Sam’s childhood neighborhood. I told him I had shot at this garden before but couldn’t remember where it was. Soon enough, we had found it thanks to his knowledge of the area. And he showed me a few places I had never been- with old flame lamps blazing above us even. We visited all the places Robin and Sam went to on their first date. So I would say, that’s a success!

And p.s. Thank you Robin and Sam for not running away screaming like a scene from Birds when I asked if you could ‘slow down when you walk even if the birds are everywhere’. One of my best friends is terrified of birds. I just kept imagining her having a seizure and collapsing if she saw all those birds.

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i stumbled upon this album when searching for photos of alexandria, VA – these two are adorable!!!! totally made my day seeing them so happy.

OMG I am in LOVE with these two!! AND THEIR DOG!! So much adorableness!!