NYC City Hall Wedding // Amelia and Christina

Red hair, red shoes with hearts and red lipstick made Christina stick out at their NYC City Hall wedding. Amelia helped her shimmy her vintage gloves on just as their number was called. Papers signed. Documents all sealed up. And then we waited. The famous green couch in City Hall was empty so we relaxed. Amelia relaxed into Christina, shoulders slumping and touching, as they snuggled in for a few kisses before the ceremony started.

Just pure excitement. When that marriage certificate graced their hands, wiiiizzzz, pop, went the energy. I think there were only a few seconds that Christina had her feet on the floor. The cold winter weather tried it’s best to shuffle us indoors. But after the feeling had left my fingers, I was game for going on the Brooklyn Bridge for some couple shots. Warm winter jackets had both Christina and Amelia looking fab- plus look at that belt on Amelia! We had a bit of confetti attached to the bottom of our shoes from City Hall as we walked all over the bridge.


Wow! Great shots!

Adorable! I love this post!

I LOVE their style! So sweet. Also – did they take all the construction stuff off the bridge?! It’s been a nightmare to shoot up there since last summer, but I don’t see the temporary construction walls in these photos.