New York Gary's Loft Wedding

So it was finally time for Mandy and Bekah to get married. Gary’s Loft, their wedding venue, has a rooftop deck where you can get married with views of the Empire State Building and the rest of NYC’s skyline. They skipped the processional and walked hand and hand with their friends up to the front. Their ceremony was extra special because Bekah’s dad officiated- I had asked him early how many times he has done this and he apparently is a real pro!

I think everyone got caught up in the emotions of the ceremony because the attendants didn’t even let Many and Bekah go for a cocktail/leave the altar- nope. They immediately ran for hugs. And that brought everyone out of their chairs and in line for more hugs.

Then guests were treated to an all white reception and their own cocktail glasses with their guests cards attached. But people had other plans for dancing- instead of staying in the reception area, everyone headed up to the roofdeck and danced it up. It was so dark up there Nasilele and I couldn’t find each other!


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