New York City Subway Trash The Dress or Suit or Wedding Attire

So I haven’t posted Mandy and Bekah’s wedding yet because it’s being blogged about over on So You’re EnGAYged (read all of Mandy’s posts) but I AM blogging about their Day After Session in NYC. The funny thing about New York is that most people totally ignore all the crazy/weird things going on but a girl in a wedding dress that’s letting her dress drag on the ground…people get all kinds of upset. Lots of comments/people coming up to warn Mandy.

We had lots of fun. I got to hear all about New York and all the people from the wedding the night before. And it was nice to run around NYC without a broken foot like the engagement session. Let me tell you…subways are a bitch with a broken foot. New York needs to work on its accessibility. For reals.


[…] courtesy Kelly Prizel Photography (lots of other great pics from this shoot at Kelly’s blog)As you can see, we didn’t really do anything extreme so our clothes weren’t actually […]

these are really really awesome~!

I LOVEEEEE THIS! I love the subway pics. Wish we had cool looking ones here in ATL!

I LOVE THESE!! These might be my favorite subway pictures I’ve seen.

OMG…I LOVE THESE!!! Great job once again! These two are HOT!!

So gorgeous! Gah, it’s like they just curl up into each other…so hawt…