New York City Gary's Loft Wedding

Mandy and Bekah got ready at the Hilton Garden Inn Manhattan NYC Hotel just one floor from each other. Mandy did her hair and makeup, including adhering false eyelashes which I can never seem to put on correctly though I drool over how good they look. After a lot of hair gel, Mandy was ready to get into her dress. And down a floor, Bekah was surrounded by friends getting her suit on and looking a wee bit nervous waiting for Mandy. I just love the way Nasilele, my second shooter, got her sitting on the bench in the lobby.

I’m a sucker for First Look shots. About 95% of my couples end up doing a first look and I always get a little excited right before that moment. Sometimes there are tears, sometimes people burst out laughing in happiness, but always always there is that moment of ‘omgomgomg look at how hot he/she looks!! I’m so excited!’. And Mandy and Bekah were no exception. So after a few minutes of laughing and hugging, we walked on over to their venue in downtown NYC. Gary’s Loft is just stunning. When I share the details on Wednesday you are going to drool. An all-white new york loft? Yes please! So on our way to the venue, walking mind you, we got some couple shots. I will note that I did really want a classic kissing in the middle of traffic NYC shot. Badly. So I quickly grabbed them, took the shot, and ran back to the safety of the sidewalk only to hear “Who raised you??” from a certain mom who was none too happy I had gone in the middle of traffic. Don’t worry! I kept them safe, moms.


Kelly, I love this. Wonderful emotion and such neat locations for pics!