New York City Central Park Engagement

New York City can be a perfect blend of scenery. You can get some amazing architecture, some subway, and then, just like that, you can step into Central Park and be transported to lush green hills that totally scream “Have a picnic on me!!”. So Matthew and Jeffrey met me at Grand Central Station with props in hand, ready for the day. Little pieces of NYC popped out at them, reminding them of stories of how they met or the specific subway ride they took to see each other. Yes, we missed getting off at our subway stop- but that just meant we got the chance to do the exact kiss shot in the subway car I wanted. They helped this directionally challenged lady find her way to get back home but only after filling my head with all the amazing things going to happen at their wedding. I can’t wait to shoot their wedding and can’t believe it’s in only 2 weeks!


Is his shirt Liberty print?! 🙂

These pictures are amazing!!! <3