New Haven Lawn Club Wedding // Elana and Gennady

Today, we’re going to skip what I have to say. Instead, Elana was sweet enough to share a bit about her own wedding:

If I could go back in time, and re-plan my wedding with the knowledge I have now, I would make sure to think through all of my decisions carefully, listen to my intuition, and not allow myself to feel pressured that a wedding has to be a certain way. I ended up stressing myself out because I would feel regretful or doubt myself after I made decisions. Now I recognize that the most important thing is having no regrets on your wedding day, which means staying true to yourself and ignoring all of the wedding industry static.

Something important I learned is that the choice of vendors really matters. Make sure you work with professionals that listen to you and are dependable, but also feel comfortable offering advice. Because I planned the wedding myself, my vendors were a crucial source of support. They helped me with everything from when to start getting ready, to where to place my chuppah, and how to walk down the aisle. And, on my wedding day, I was able to cruise in a bubble of happiness the whole day because I trusted my vendors and I knew everything would go just as planned.

Genna and I are pretty introverted, so we were a little nervous that we would get tired out during the cocktail hour and reception. In the end, and surprisingly, Genna and I were just so happy to be married and to see our friends and family, that the evening felt effortless. We both felt so supported and loved that any self-consciousness we may have felt vanished. The evening flew by because we were on “cloud-9” for all of it!

The other positive surprise, for me, was just how beautiful everything turned out. As I said before, I planned the wedding myself, and so I really had no clue how it would come together. When I stepped out and saw how wonderfully everything looked, my breath was taken away and it felt like my past year of spending weekends and evening planning the wedding was totally worth it.

// New Haven Lawn Club was the perfect place for: Couples that want to have a effortlessly beautiful, stress-free wedding //

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Date: 11.11 // Weather: Clear and cool // Number of guests: 83 // Favorite light time for shots: 3:25 // First look time: 3:00 //

Couple Shots: 3:00-3:40 // Ketubah Signing: 4:45 // Ceremony Start: 5:10 // Reception Started: 6:30

Venue Love: Easy indoor location for weddings that doesn’t look or feel like a hotel

Fun thing to think about: Making sure family traditions are highlighted that fit you well. Elana’s family changed the lyrics to Disney songs to roast the couple! It was hilarious and totally original. And most importantly, everyone couldn’t stop laughing and enjoying themselves.

Lesson learned: If you’re doing the Hora, talk to the venue about which chairs they use for the dance. Elana saw the bulky chairs they wanted to use and quickly asked for a switch.

Extra Help: The bridesmaids totally, completely kicked butt. They were focused on making the day smooth and not having Elana do anything other than enjoy the day. I loved them. They checked in with me if I needed anything and were totally game to do anything. Like hide behind curtains and hold Elana’s dress so I could get the loveliest dress shot. Ladies- you rock.

Best thing ever: Elana leading the wedding party in a guided meditation before putting on the dresses.

Venue: New Haven Lawn Club // DJ and lighting: Supersound Productions // Cake: Sugar Bakery and Sweet Shop // Hair: Jen from Jobella salon

Florist: Candi’s Floral Creations // Rabbi: Rabbi Michael Farbman of Temple Emanuel // Veil and shoes: Prevata, Bob Ellis Shoes // Dress: Jean’s Bridal, Alvina Valenta //