New Canaan CT Wedding

The ceremony was in a backyard with two big trees supporting a row of paper cranes to mark their ceremony spot. The ceremony was a wonderful mix of N and G’s backgrounds and I loved how I learned even more about them from their ceremony. With a Jewish blessing from G’s stepfather, signing of a Ketubah, a Cherokee blessing from the North, South, East and West, a San San Kudo ceremony and a traditional tea ceremony- I knew their families were thrilled as they all got to participate in new traditions but also incorporate their own.

The even managed to fit in a blessing of the rings, which were tied to a peony wand the flowergirl had brought up the aisle. It really hit me as each guest said something meaningful as they held the rings. Because of the small size of the wedding, it didn’t feel rushed but very important.


This is too cute.. love the blend of cultures.. families and fun