National Portrait Gallery Engagement

A dark and rainy day is not the sort of conditions I usually like to shoot an engagement session in. But I was down in DC and Katie and Jessica had scheduled the shoot so they could get their save-the-dates out with an engagement picture. But I wanted awesome shots despite the weather! So we decided- why not have a fun mini shoot inside the Portrait Gallery?

I had not been to the Portrait Gallery in what felt like forever. It had tons of new work up, new spaces to eat and have some coffee and an atrium I had never really explored before. So we wandered around and I kept an eye out for my backgrounds- I didn’t want to include any artwork in them as it is a copyright violation. And we had a blast because I finally met them in person (they booked after a skype meeting like 40% of my clients) and can’t wait to do another mini session during the blooming of the cherry blossoms. If you see three people at 6:30am doing engagement shots during the blooming- that’s us. Because they totally rock and know getting up early is the only way to do tidal basin shots of cherry blossoms without 32545756867876 tourists.


[…] ready to do their second half of their engagement shoot. We already did a mini shoot inside the National Portrait Gallery. Now, it was time to enjoy some […]