National Coming Out Day

Happy National Coming Out Day!!! Below is a really grainy picture taken with a digital computer camera when I was 17. I took maybe 20 pictures to find the right one to put up on– which was a LGBT dating site back in 2002. For me, it wasn’t just a dating site, it was the only place I saw gay people. It also brought Natalie and I together. Yes! led to me finding my wife. This picture was the introduction for our relationship.

My coming out story is very complicated/crazy and hard to look back on. When I took this photo, I never thought I would be able to get legally married to a woman. I certainly didn’t think I would be in a job where I would shoot weddings, and crazy amazing, over half of those are LGBT.

So today, a long-standing goal of going back to Virginia to speak to LGBT teens is in the works. I’m emailing my middle school and high school to see if they would be open to putting together a few LGBT speakers who went to those schools and showing “It Gets Better”. Here’s hoping.