Naples Florida

I’m on vacation right now. It had been a long hard three weeks. 3 ER visits, 3 weeks in and out of bed, dozens of meds, 2 allergic reactions to meds and bouncing around from one doctor to the next who all had no idea what was wrong with me. Who all said the last diagnoses was totally wrong. Who all put me through tests only to have nothing to show for it. I wanted to thank Natalie, my incredible wife, for helping me get through a super stressful and crazy time. And Lara who kept So You’re EnGAYged running even if I wasn’t. And my family for supporting me when I would call in utter confusion and frustration.

So being here in Naples is such a gift and a moment to relax. And of course I brought along my new tilt shift lens to try out. Every day till Saturday I’ll post two or more pictures from down here highlighting my expirements with my new lens.

This is for you Lara 😀



The seagulls are AMAZING.