My perfect purse and camera bag: Kelly Moore B Hobo

So some people love shoes. Some cupcakes. I love purses. I used to have a few cute purses I loved from Target that I would switch up all the time. The problem with that is that I would always forget something in the other purses!! It was starting to drive me insane…not to mention anyone around me when I said, at least 5 times a day, “Crap!! I forgot *insert important object like keys or wallet* in my other purse.” Apparently I was annoying everyone so much that my mother-in-law, last June, told me my birthday present was a purse of my choosing, if I would get just one purse (the last part was kinda added on by Natalie who interjected).

So I needed one purse. To do everything. And by everything, I mean I have a whole list of *must* haves for my purse. I decided that this purse would be an everyday purse as well as a camera bag for engagement sessions/me carrying my camera around more. You want to hear my list of requirements for my purse?? Ohh yes, absorb the neurotic purse lady’s wishes.

  • Above all else, it must must have outer pockets. I don’t want to dig through my purse for my cell phone. But not ugly pockets. Or big puffy pockets (ooooh you can tell where this is headed, can’t you?)
  • Since I’m a two camera body shooter, I need it to hold two cameras with two lenses.
  • The purse strap must be a good height (I don’t want it in my armpit, thankyouverymuch) and have a good, solid strap that won’t fall off my shoulder
  • It must be a material I like: no cloth or canvas or whatever. I get stuff dirty. High points for good quality vegan pleather.
  • It must stand up on it’s own and hold it’s shape. I don’t want to look in my bag and not be able to really see inside because it’s collapsing. High points for a not too dark interior to see my crap better.
  • I want classic. Not super trendy. I’m not looking to spend my bday present on something I will feel stupid carrying 3 years later.

Soooo now you understand why I looked for a *year* for this purse. I hit up every outlet mall, discount stores like Filene’s Basement, and surfed the internet forever. I don’t want to even think of the wasted hours of my life I devoted to this purse. So I was really coming up empty handed. Big enough to fit two cameras? It looked like a giant tote bag for old ladies. Had a perfect shape? Oh yay, it was super trendy. Kill that. So I started to look for camera bags designed to look like purses. People, I can not tell you how I searched to make sure I had seen every  single camera purse they make out there. Most of my photographer friends had bought Epiphanie bags but seeing them in person I thought they were too bulky. That’s when I saw Kelly Moore Bags. At first, I didn’t see anything meeting my requirements. But I reeeeally loved the B Hobo. But it looked too small. I felt so bummed.

But I read a couple of reviews of the B Hobo bags and every single one of them said they were surprised at how big the bag was. Um. Music to my ears! Big enough to fit two camera bodies?? Anyone? But I searched high and low and couldn’t find anyone who said they put two camera bodies with lenses on it. So I thought: to hell with it, and ordered it. I’m a child of a super-star returner so I wasn’t too worried.

Can we please cue the angels singing from on high? Because that’s what I heard when I tore open the box and plopped my two camera bodies in. I hugged the purse. I twirled with it in front of the mirror (oh stop judging, you know you do it too!!). So there are tons of exterior photos all over the web and I plan on doing a second post with pictures of me wearing it, but I wanted to show the interior of this bag which seems to be lacking on the web.

Perfect fit for my iphone! Requirement: Check!

That’s right, moooore pockets. How happy was this girl when she could fit a think thin bar (gluten free, woot) inside this pocket longways?? These are the front pockets.

This is an ad for think thin bars apparently. But really, it’s to show you how big this pocket is that this fit inside it: longways.

The back pocket: the mula. I need a wallet. And no, I really don’t care about the wallet. To target for me.

This is what the bags looked like less than 24 hrs after I got it. My 5D Mark II with a 24 1.4 lens on it (I was shooting with the 50), sunglasses, pills.

This is an example of what you could fit if you just took one body and wanted to go light: 5d Mark II with 24 1.4 lens, 45 tilt shift, water bottle, and sunglasses. With plenty of room.

Now for the iphone pictures to blow your mind- sorry, my third camera is in the shop. But, an internet first: the Kelly Moore B Hobo bags with two bodies and lenses!

This image above has a 5D Mark II with a 50 1.2 attached, a 5D Mark II body, a 24 1.4 lens and a tilt shift lens stacked on top.

Yup! I got my two bodies with lenses attached in there!

Go crazy: same as the picture above but with a tilt shift snuggled in and sunglasses thrown in.


I’ve been going back and forth on this for weeks and I think you just sold me on this bag. I hope Kelly retweeted this post or something. I love it!

Oh goodness. This is going first on my birthday wishlist!!!!

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to bring my camera everywhere with me b/c I found myself unexpectedly wanting to take photos of something. Of course I didn’t want to carry around my larger camera bag everywhere, and none (I also have a problem) of my purses were suitable! The main requirements for me were a) NOT a messenger bag (although I like that this one has the option!) and 2) it had to be cute b/c it’s going to be my “everyday” purse. And now my search is over! Thanks!

I am SO SO SO glad you posted this. I’ve been looking for a camera bag/purse/shootsac replacement for at least a year too. I’ve had my eye on the Kelly moore classic bag for a while now, and just went I went to go get it the gray color I’d had my heart set on was back stocked. Ugh.

But nowwwww I’m thinking maybe I’ll check out this hobo bag. Thanks for the post!!!

I LOVE this bag! I have the brown one, too, but I kind of want to get more in other colours! 😛 I got it right before we went to Mexico and it made for a great carry-on. I’ve never been one to carry my camera with me, but now that I have a bag designed specifically for that, I’m much more likely to throw it in there.

I seriously use this for EVERYTHING. Even when I don’t need to carry a camera. Brad loves it, because he’s usually terrified of my bags/purses (they’re like Mary Poppins bags – he can’t ever find anything in it) but with this one – he ALWAYS can!!