Mooo Restaurant at XV Beacon Hotel Wedding

I started off the wedding day having tea and gluten free muffins with Jared, the groom and his brother. Relaxed. And it stayed that way all day. After a quick drive to the hotel, Mari and Jared met up and stayed with each other all day- something I love. Getting to spend every moment of your wedding day with the person you love and are getting married to is not a traditional decision, but it’s one that makes sense for some couples. I did the same thing for my own wedding -I just couldn’t imagine spending a minute apart during that exciting day.

So Jared helped zip up Mari’s dress and we were off. With an amazing friend turned chauffer (meaning insanely brave and bullheaded- we got where we needed to go!) we dashed around Boston. A couple shots here. A couple shots there. I was really getting to see and enjoy Boston. And they were reliving moments from their relationship. But with all that walking I started to get blisters- but Mari to the rescue! Thinking about everyone else, even on her wedding day, she simply went into a drugstore, in her wedding gown, and bought me some bandaids. Seriously, what a find people.

I knew how excited Jared and Mari were for the traditional elements of their Jewish wedding as Mari had just converted and had carefully thought about all the traditions. But they also wanted to include Mari’s family, who isn’t Jewish, into the Ketubah and Bedeken ceremony. So they came up with the Jack Daniels box. They both wrote letters to one another about how much they loved each other and then sealed them up in envelopes. So the letters go into this wooden box, along with a bottle of Jack Daniels. The rule is this: If they are on the verge of breaking up, before they make any drastic decisions, they must open the locked box, drink the entire bottle of Jack Daniels, and read the letters. If they never need to read the letters before their 30th anniversary, they get to break open the box and read them anyway. This idea literally had me choked up. Yes, I know it’s talking about breaking up. But knowing these two people are realistic- they know there will be hard times, and they are already talking about it on their wedding day. They are ready to face all the challenges together. I couldn’t stop thinking about how right their thinking is and how beautiful an idea it is.

And I love the Bedeken ceremony. The act of Jared veiling Mari and feeling the weight of thousands of years of other couples doing this exact thing was so grounding. And they both couldn’t stop beaming! The smiles just kept going as they signed their Ketubah. And then it was time for Jared to go upstairs and greet the guests while Mari waited to be walked to the ceremony by her father.