Mooo Restaurant at XV Beacon Hotel Wedding Part 2

The sun was going quickly and it was time for the ceremony. All the guests stood, as there were under 30 guests and we crammed onto the rooftop. The wind was blowing stronger than anticipated so the Chuppah’s fabric went whooooosh up and down. But then Mari climbed up the stairs to the roof with her father and everyone forgot about any wind. She circled Jared the traditional 7 times and finally got to stand up, in front of friends and family, and hold Jared’s hand.

The sun was almost completely gone as Mari and Jared listened to their Ketubah being read out loud by Jared’s brother. The ceremony was winding down and everyone was excited to shout “Mazel Tov” after Jared smashed the glass. But no sooner had the words left people’s mouth than a sudden break out in song occured. People whipped their heads around to find a suprise acapella group was singing. Jared and Mari snuck out while everyone was treated to a few songs by the acapella group.

And then is was cocktails and passed food, all in the cocktail style. A live Jazz band was playing and everyone was chatting and just enjoying themselves. I have to say the highlight of the night was when Jared, an amazing saxophone player, got out his saxophone and played along with the band! A HUGE thanks to Sandra Costello for helping me out at the last minute and being an awesome team.


I really like that pic of the saxophonist!

The groom was SO amazing playing his saxophone. I love that his new wedding band was visible in the photo- I kept waiting to get it in the shot!