Montpelier Mansion in Laurel Maryland Wedding : Ying and Pat

So I blogged about Ying and Pat’s wedding before, but never their full wedding! Ying and Pat’s wedding was at the Montpelier Mansion and they were lucky enough to even have one guest fly all the way from China that very day. Chock full of DIY goodness, Ying poured her creativity and love into all the little details of the day. Almost the entire day, Pat was grinning ear to ear. I guess he was happy 😉 Pat got up at the reception- it was time for his speech. He started talking about Ying, and all the work she put behind the wedding and then…that’s was it. He started crying so hard he couldn’t talk. Ying got up and gave him a big hug and started making jokes to crack a smile on his face. She got him a glass of water and sat down with him. Whispering things into his ear that made him laugh and smile and eventually stop choking up. Perfection.

Incase you aren’t a buckeye fan, this apparently is tradition of Ohio State. Ying and Pat sent me photos of people spelling out Ohio from all over the world. Love it!

I love this first look shot! Ying hid under her parasol until Pat came and peeked.


Oh my goodness, what a happy wedding! The bride is so sweet – smiling (beaming!) in every photo. The details are just adorable too. 🙂