Montpelier Mansion in Laurel Maryland Wedding: Ying and Pat getting ready

After doing a lot of weddings, I have noticed something. Everyone wants a picture of their dress but they always have the dress hanging on the ugliest, plastic hanger from the dress shop. It’s so hard to see this knock ’em dead dress paired with a falling apart hanger. So I went out and bought a nice wooden hanger just for the dress pictures!

Guess who did these flowers? THE BRIDE! Ying arranged her own white wedding bouquet flowers and all the bridesmaids too.

Erica from did Ying’s hair. She had a japanese digital perm done so her hair would be fuller and curl well for the bun. Erica is one of the fastest and best hair stylist I have worked with. I can’t tell you how many times I’m bitting my nails because the hair stylist is chatting away and taking double the time the timeline allotted for. Even a “Well…we are 20 minutes behind” doesn’t seem to work. But Erica whipped out this lovely style right on time.

Popping that last button into place.