Middletown Connecticut Wedding // Rock the Dress

Eric and Kasia had gotten married in their backyard. Same place, same outfits, only on their wedding day it was pouring so much I actually threw out my shoes halfway through and just sank into the mud barefoot. They deserved and wanted some lovely shots of them in their wedding clothes; the shots we planned on getting. They wanted to feature their backyard they both worked SO hard on getting nice and their base to start a new family (I found out at the Rock The Dress session Kasia was pregnant!). We kept laughing because some people FREAK at the thought of a rock the dress shoot- might get their dress dirty. But on her actual wedding day, Kasia’s dress was soaked with mud from the waist down. But hell, it’s her wedding day, she was going to party!! Even I was shocked at how calm she was. As you can see, she just dry cleaned it and it was good as new. After out shoot, she dry cleaned it because it got a little dirty on the underside…but it came out nicer then ever after a cleaning.And the photos were exactly what we both dreamed of- lovely afternoon light, their backyard looking good, and a chance to include their dog.

Wedding day lesson: Rolling in mud on your wedding day makes you let things go. You don’t have a choice. And once you let go, you can actually enjoy yourself.


Wow! You both rocked that session! Gorgeous couple and beautiful photos!

Wow! You both rocked that session! Gorgeous couple and beautiful photos!

OH MY GOD I WANT HER DRESS!!!!!!! Seriously the images are stunning too. Shiza it’s so gorgeous! And so are they 😀