Meridian Hill Park Engagement

I posted my favorite photo from Lauren and Phantane’s photo session at Meridian Hill Park and U street awhile ago, but I had so many more I wanted to share. We met up at the park only to gravitate towards the fun colors on U Street. Lauren’s wedding colors are pink and purple, and by chance, we stumbled across so much pink and purple. They even had pink balloons tied onto a staircase for us to use. I know the balloon thing is really really popular and it bugs me. A LOT. Because so many times I see the couple actually release the balloons into the air. My brain explodes when I see this, I’m like “Hellloooo? Those balloons are going to totally kill wildlife! Have you seen the amount of sealife that chokes on balloons?” So I was a little nervous to post cute balloon photos that might encourage people to use them and not properly dispose of them. Friends don’t let friends release balloon, ok?

I finally got a couple to go to Ben’s Chili Bowl! We waited in line and they happily munched on their amazing hot dogs. I love the colors of that place. And have you noticed that Lauren and Phantane went all out and wore super bright colors? I’m always telling my clients to go bold or go home, and these guys totally did.


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Hi Kelly:
Love the photos. Like that the shirts the couple are dessed in match the background in one of the photos and the pink balloons are a nice touch. I can tell some thought went into this. Good stuff!

You’re a recent follower of mine on Twitter in case you were wondering how I discovered you!

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