Martha's Vineyard Wedding Part Two

With the ceremony over and a quick lunch to keep all the guests relaxed, everyone went home. Yup. Everyone went home for a nap, to plan for the reception, and for Priya and Rebecca to have some alone time. Priya and Rebecca were in their pj’s when I joined them again, with everyone’s siblings on the bed working out last minute toast ideas and plans. But as everyone scurried off to get ready for part two, Priya and Rebecca were alone again. And they each gave each other a pouch to open, a gift to get honor the day.

The reception tent was so nicely put together with lanterns, fabric with sequins (yay!), and lots of flowers. And did you see their cake stand?? Who has a cake stand like that? The swing band was playing in full force for Priya and Rebecca’s first song- a full swing dance that left everyone with their mouths open. No one knew they had been taking swing dance lessons. And wooooah. They killed it.


what a beautiful couple!!! They look so good together and happy!! Amazing pics…

What a beautiful couple and a beautiful wedding!