Martha's Vineyard Wedding Part One

Priya and Rebecca worked really hard with both their family’s to create a wedding that reflected both their cultures and ideas for their wedding. With so many ideas/possible traditions to incorporate, Rebecca’s mom helped take charge and started sorting through the jumble of thoughts. And out came a wedding that was colorful, fun and really really all about Rebecca and Priya.

Priya was wrapped up in her hot pink sari by her mother, holding a million safety pins and keeping Priya calm in the massive amounts of fabric. And Rebecca was in the other room, sipping tea before getting into her Grecian-like dress. Her mom helped put on dozens of bracelets that at first, did not want to slip on. But she was all set.

Rebecca creeped into the front yard to surprise Priya. And they couldn’t stop holding hands- each with henna designs with the other’s name hidden somewhere in the design. We all climbed into a car and hid while the guests started to trickle in and see the beautiful mandap. It was a little like being spies because we literally were in a cottage next to the ceremony location and guests kept going right past the window. But no one looked in.

The ceremony was done by Priya’s mother, a Hindu priest and Rebecca’s Aunt. The hour long ceremony felt so short because every minute, there was something new to watch. And for Priya to cry over. Priya’s mother has done dozens of Hindu weddings but warned her daughter to stop crying so much or she would loose it herself!


This is ridiculous priya, dont engage in lesbian marriage, lead a new life with a new parter

wow – these are stunning and the love and joy of that day (and between those gorgeous women)comes straight through!!

So stunning, you really captured the joy of that day. I will (likely) never know these women, but I feel their love and I return it to them! Peace and happiness to the couple! This is seriously one of the most beautiful ceremonies I have seen!

Kelly these are absolutely AH-MAZING!!! What a beautiful day that you captured!! SO much emotion! I LOVE the ring shot 🙂

exactly what Katie Jane said. My first thought was Amazing! Then I cried.

Ahhh – Kelly! AMAZING! This wedding makes me cry it is so beautiful!

Yay!! I loved shooting this wedding. Anyone else want to get married in hot pink? Please?

I will! Kelly! 😀