Long Island City Engagement

“I would love to give them the gift of your photography…” A long, complex path began with some relatives of Ellie & Pat loving my photos and ended with a sweet gift to Amy and Charles to have some couple photos done just days after they had been married in Georgia. Still excited/exhausted from their wedding, they couldn’t wait to walk around their neighborhood of Long Island City. Exploring is done best with a sweet dog in tow, Eisenhower sniffed and sniffed. So we enjoyed the lovely light and the awesome views of Manhattan. We even did roof shots- as in, a real roof. With no guards. No fence. As in, I kept it together even though I saw how high I was.

By the time we had made it to the subway to do a few shots, the trains were going by pretty regularly and we snagged some shots of their much used and loved station. It was sweet to watch Amy and Charles point out all the places they had been calling home and now enjoyed as they prepared to go off on their honeymoon.


The light you captured is AMAZING! Really love the photographs.