LightHouse Point Park New Haven, CT Engagement

So Emily and Sean are already happily married but they ended up not having any professional pictures for the ceremony. Flashforward and Emily meets Natalie (my wife) at an awesome group called WGSS- a group that will be run by both of them next year. It’s basically Yale PhD students coming together to talk about Women, Gender, and Sexuality topics. They read papers. They read books together. I sometimes wish I could join in because they always have amazing stuff to talk about. I want to get my nerd on too!

So Emily, Sean, Natalie and I all headed out to Lighthouse Point Park in New Haven, CT. How is it I live 15 minutes from this awesome beach and 10 minutes away from gigantic mountains that I hike on? And they got dressed up in their wedding outfits- Hello?? Is the universe on a purple binge or something? Another awesome purple wedding dress and detailed purple suit.

Apparently it was freezing cold. EVERYONE was freezing. I honestly didn’t feel it until we got in the car because I get so excited shooting my adrenaline keeps me toasty and warm. But finally, enough was enough, and Emily and Sean broke out a blanket. I got the message. It was time to go, ha!


These are awesome Kelly! I adore Lighthouse park!

I just wanted to say *again* how much I love the photos! And you should totally come to WGSS!