Le Chateau South Salem NY Wedding

Natalie and I were driving down to Le Chateau in the early morning, with the orange leaves just starting to really turn on the trees. We were literally the 1st ones there at the venue. I set up the details to shoot in a room that was clearly not meant to be open with tables turned upside down, but I liked the worn texture of all the beat up furniture. I was kind of struck by the cufflinks-mini hammers and scissors? But I got a full explanation during the ceremony. Matthew had written Jeffrey a poem titled the Tailor and the Carpenter. This was not a regular kind of hokey poem. Oh no! This was a freaking amazing feat that had even Matthew crying. Can I mention yet again how much I love hand written vowels or poems or what ever? Or even picking a very personal  book or poem makes all the difference. Whether it’s people bend over laughing or crying, I’m a sucker for a well thought out and very personal ceremony.


Kelly, these are fabulous!