Jessica and Evan Kennedy Center Engagement

I often get asked why I shoot DC weddings so often. I mean, I’m up here in Connecticut and NYC, why such a draw to DC? Easy answer: I was born and raised in Virginia and moved into my first apartment with Natalie in DC when I was 19. DC is home in so many ways: I went to art school there, Natalie’s family lived there for all of her childhood, my relationship turned marriage with Natalie started in DC. Natalie is a DC native- something not very many people can say. And living there for years, DC is really home for me in many ways.

So yes, I often travel to DC and make in my job to know all the new things and fun, secret places to shoot in the city. And sometimes a couple has a very clear vision in mind. Nothing secret but something actually very iconic but meaningful to them. The Kennedy Center has a feeling of being ‘huge’ and making you stop and stare at the long halls. I think a lot of that is because most kids growing up in the DC area went to the Kennedy Center all dressed up for a play or their free concert day. As a small kid, it’s just enormous. And that sticks with you.

But Jessica and Evan wandered the halls together with me, taking a cold, chilly day and enjoying being alone in the space. But CJ had to be included so we picked him up from doggy day care. It was Halloween and many a dog was passing us in adorable costumes. But CJ was just happy to squish Jessica and Evan in a massive cuddle pile in the leaves.



couple embracing kennedy center couple hugging in front of kennedy center water fountain couple in front of fall leaves for dc engagement couple in front of kennedy center wall couple laughing with dog in dc engagement posing in front of apartment with dog DC couple lying on ground with dog for save the dates smiling with dog