Kelly Prizel Photography

If you have been to my portfolio website in the last day, you might think you’re going crazy, but don’t worry, you’re not. I am officially changing my business name to Kelly Prizel Photography.

I felt it was a great time to do so as 1) I moved to a state where I know no one 2) I’m legally married to my wife now so I could easily change my last name officially 3) My favorite graphic designer in the world came back from vacation.

So right now I’m:

  • Having a new logo, business card and various other things designed. I seriously love working with graphic designers that know what they are doing. For example, would I ever have thought of using these three colors together? No. Do I heart it so hardcore my little heart that loves paper jumps up and down? YES!

image via Suffix Abuse

  • Changing EVERYTHING online is such a pain, but a must do. Wedding Wire, google profile, URL’s, etc…
  • Telling all my former and current clients about the name change…gak, I got to do that!