Kelly Prizel Photography featured in Metro Weekly

Though the internet is full of amazing resources, there is still a lot to be said for local papers and magazines. And one such magazine is Metro Weekly, DC’s local gay magazine. I used to read it every week with the City Paper. Yes, there are a lot of naked men. But it’s also a way to really connect with the gay community and ward off the isolation that pervades young queer life. So after being interviewed for several articles for Metro Weekly’s wedding issue that comes out today, I decided it was high time to support a local publication I believe in. So I took out my first print ad. I haven’t seen it in person yet because I’m stuck in CT, but have asked a few friends to pick me up a few copies.

Besides being featured in the ad- I was interviewed for 3 articles in the wedding edition and was so excited to see myself and So You’re EnGAYged featured. I burst out laughing when I saw how they identified me “LGBT wedding expert Kelly Prizel”. I’ll take the label! I’m lucky enough that over 50% of my clients are LGBT and love working within my community.

See the article about wedding photographers here, wedding planners here and wedding venues here.

Here’s an excerpt from one of the articles:

”Unlike the caterer or the florist, a wedding photographer is going to be with you your entire wedding day,” says Kelly Prizel of Kelly Prizel Photography. ”So you’re going to want to really connect with them.”

Prizel says to specifically look for pictures of LGBT couples — and also that both partners in a couple are represented equally. With straight couples, even in 2010, ”there is a huge emphasis on the bride in pictures, and the groom kind of fades into the background,” says Prizel. Oftentimes this ”old habit” carries over with queer couples, according to Prizel, so that the focus is on the more femme or effeminate partner.