Keeping Cool During A Summer Wedding

It’s June 1st, but lately, it’s been feeling like August 1st. Hot and muggy. Which is something you need to consider for your wedding April-September. Weather is unpredictable so I would much rather just go for the gold and be prepared.

Our enemies:

  1. Sweat. I can’t fix shine or sweat in photos after your wedding. So this is enemy #1!
  2. Dehydration. Don’t fool yourself. You can pass-out on your wedding day. I have shot several weddings where this has happened. But bridesmaids tend to be the ones who suffer from this the most.
  3. Sunburn and bugs. Sure the bugs and sunburn won’t show up the minute you’re affected, but it will make you uncomfortable the rest of the day.

So let’s knock this out!

  • Hire a professional makeup and hair person(s). Your hair is way more likely to stay up, not frizz, and look good all day. You’re more likely to look fresh and not sweaty when your makeup is airbrushed on (don’t have anyone yet? Stacey will rock it out for you). Oh, and don’t think I just mean brides. Everyone should at least keep some concealer, lip balm, and powder. Most of my grooms do this. Really.
  • Keep cool to keep away the sweat. A battery powered fan for your face? Check! But it’s also great to blow up your dress when the layers of fabric start to stick to your legs.
  • Blot off the sweat with some oil blotting sheets. For sweat that’s just pouring off, a towel is a great tool. Blot!! Don’t wipe. Then dust some extra loose powder on your face.
  • Keep yourself upright. Hydrate with Gatorade to replace electrolytes in your Kleen Kanteen bottle. Now grab a snack. The squeeze-y apple sauces for kids make the *best* pick me up for right before the ceremony.
  • Spray yourself down with sunscreen. Your feet. Your back. Neck. Then slather some on your face. Now is not the time to use SPF 15- go big or go home, 45+ SPF please.
  • Bug balm is best applied all day. That’s why you should skip the spray. You don’t want to worry about it getting on your suit. Use Badgers Bug Balm and you can reapply, stay bug free, and keep looking good.