Jewish Winter Wedding Carnegie Institute for Science

A snow storm had passed and been cleared several days before Jessica and Evan’s wedding. Only a bit of snow still on the grass and statues alluded to the fact that this was indeed a true winter wedding.

With temperatures below freezing, I always try to gauge just how much a couple wants outdoor photos. I am always up for anything, including standing in snow, but let the couple and weather dictate what we do. As the bus pulled into the Carnegie Institute for Science, I asked for the last time, “So, you’re ok with doing the first look outside?”. Jessica was giddy and I’m sure her adrenaline was keeping her warm as she nodded approvingly.

From the moment Jessica and Evan saw each other on the steps of Carnegie Institute for Science, I hardly said a word. Evan’s mouth opened, gawking at Jessica’s smile, and Jessica almost ran towards him. A few tears slid down Jessica’s cheeks as they hugged. When you are around joy, you can almost hear a hum, a low grade buzz that projects around the space you are in. That buzz emitted loudly and steadily as the two looked at each other again. Whether it was the winter wind or that happy, joyful buzz- anytime I said something, it was drowned out. They almost floated around the steps, looking at one another, ignoring the cold. I simply followed them around, shooting, and eventually dragging them inside to keep them from loosing fingers and toes. Tori, from Candy + Co, was at the door, ready to warm these two up.

As Jessica and Evan, their families included, said goodbye to Shabbat, the Rabbi lit the candle and said the prayers. Again, that lovely hum enveloped the room and the couple held each other throughout the prayers. Evan brought out his tallit for the ceremony, or so I thought.

As Jessica took hold of Evan’s tallit, the Rabbi explained that this was another special moment. Evan and Jessica had decided to incorporate an egalitarian spin on a very traditional act. Instead of Evan coming to unveil Jessica, Jessica was instead going to place Evan’s tallit on him. Jessica approached Evan, there was a momentary awkward pause. How to throw it on him without hitting him? How to do this when it mattered most? As the tallit landed on Evan’s shoulders, Jessica held him. He was ready for the ceremony. They were both ready for the ceremony- their signatures already filling the space on their Keutbah. Their Jewish winter wedding was in motion. As everyone clapped for them, they looked at one another. They did it!

Planner: Tori for Candy and Co. // Florist: LeRoy French // Caterer: Spilled Milk Catering // Band: Cherry Blossom Strings (Ceremony) and Bachelor Boys Band (Reception) // Invitations: Smitten on Paper

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