Interlaken Inn Wedding in Lakeville, CT // Shelby and Jonah

I want and should write a whole post about bridesmaids dresses. The pain. The suffering of pocketbooks for a dress no one ever wears again. Really. So when I heard that Shelby found a company that rents, yes rents, bridesmaids dresses, I internally freaked out. Maybe slightly externally. And they were so pretty- just scroll down and look at those photos. And scroll down some more and you’ll find the link at the bottom of the post with the link. Plus all those stats you guys love so much (like, a lot a lot…I’m getting so much email! Keep the suggestions coming by commenting below or emailing me!).

And may I present the best visual argument ever for taking a moment after your ceremony to just celebrate the two of you? And then pile on your wedding party for a hug.

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Date: 9.22 // Weather: Very overcast yet buggy due to the lake // Favorite light time for shots (due to weather): 3:05 // First look time: 3:00 //

Ceremony Start: 4:10 // Couple Shots: 5:00 // Reception Started: 6:00

Venue: Ceremony was held by the lake and a last minute decision for a tent was made because it looked like rain. The reception was held in their open air space with tables making a circle around the dance floor.

Venue Love: Interlaken has a dock which is perfect for a first look or couple shots. // Fun thing to think about: Letting yourself really pause and enjoy a big hug from one another after the ceremony. Then get one from your loved ones too.

Lesson learned: There was no bathroom by the lake for the ceremony, which made it a bit of a last minute stressful situation for some guests and me.

Extra Help: See those amazing chemistry sets? Shelby’s dad made them all himself.

Best thing ever: Rentable bridesmaids dresses. Yes. BEST THING EVER.

Venue: Interlaken Inn // Florist: Country Gardeners Florist // DJ: 74 Events // Dress: Junko Yoshioka The Bridal Garden // Caterer: Interlaken Inn