I Love New York

If you read my facebook or twitter, I was up watching the NY State Assembly voting on Friday. My stomach was in a knot. I could feel the excitement and energy. And beyond anything, hope. Hope that New York would promote marriage equality and legalize gay marriage. And when they were reading off the names in the affirmative, I was literally trying not to be sick. C’mon. C’mon. Just enough votes. Pleaseeee.

And just like that, New York legalized gay marriage. All the sudden, marriage was on an even playing field for couples in New York. I cried. I witnessed history. I want to tell my kids one day that mommy and mommy couldn’t get legally married when they had their wedding. But over time, things changed. I want to see that puzzled look in their eye when they ask, “But Mommy, why couldn’t you get married?’. And I’ll know we have come so far.

This energy, this happiness- I just want it to continue and build. I want to see so many happy couples, regardless of sexual orientation, celebrate in the coming weeks.

So I have decided to run a special in honor of gay marriage being passed in NY. I did it for DC and now it seems like it’s going to be a wonderful and frequent tradition.


These specials are for a limited time only and are available to anyone, regardless of sexual orientation. You must be in NY within 85 miles of my New Haven, CT studio (yes, that includes NYC!). All shoots (except full wedding packages) are Monday-Thursday in the early AM (usually 6:30am) or afternoon (usually around 5:30).

  • Engagement Sessions/Rock The Dress or Suit/Couple Shots: Between now and August 15th, all shoots are $250 instead of $350.
  • Civil Ceremony: Are you going to get your marriage certificate and then get hitched? I would love to shoot your ceremony. Afterwards, we’ll do some fun couple’s portraits. Receive $150 off my civil ceremony package.
  • Wedding: Book your wedding package before August 31 and receive 10%. Your wedding must be between now and March 31, 2012.

Excited? Contact me and let’s get started!