Hubbell Homestead Wedding

Thank you to everyone who has sent me an email, tweet, facebook message, or commented on here about my being sick. Today is the first day I’m out of bed really working- so that’s 6 days of sitting in bed. But all your nice words made my day!

So this wedding I have been waiting forever and a half to blog because one of the brides is actually a blogger for So You’re EnGAYged and I had to wait for her recaps to be done before I could blog it over here. As you could see from last weeks post of their wedding invitations, Yarrow and Jen’s wedding was carnival themed. It was incredible.

Natalie and I drove up to Vermont on that Friday to get settled in and shoot the rehearsal dinner. When we arrived at Hubbell Homestead, their wedding venue, I was like ‘OHH no way!!’. The gorgeous open fields all around the property gave it a totally secluded feeling, while at the same time you had access to a pool, a fire pit, and the amazing venue coordinator Vicki. Vicki was like the best planner I have ever seen and that wasn’t even her job! She helped out with so much of the dozens of DIY projects, getting set up, making sure everyone was happy. And then we got in our room- hello huge hot tub!

So Saturday morning came and everything started to come together. Yarrow was getting her hair done by a friend and Jen was busy chatting with friends. The tent, where all of Yarrow’s amazing crafty projects were setup, was being given final touches. It was an easy getting ready morning as everything was in one place so there was no rushing around which is a rarity. Eventually, some of Yarrow’s family came to set up the ceremony canopy, a Chuppah canopy Yarrow’s grandmother had made. It was so gorgeous and just showed everyone where Yarrow’s amazing DIY skill set came from. The ribbon wands for the ceremony came out. And then it was time to put on the wedding dresses. I loved Yarrow’s swiss dot dress that was sold as a bridesmaid dress but was so perfect as a wedding dress. And Jen’s short little Melissa Sweet dress was totally fitting.

Don’t you love the feather wedding rings?