Hubbell Homestead Wedding

All day the clouds had been curling up and ready to threaten the wedding with rain. And it made for lovely couple shots in the middle of all those fields. One minute the clouds would be super dark and the next they would be totally gone they were moving so fast. There was just so many places at Hubbel Homestead to play with. So we had a great time romping all over the property.

But I’ll tell you a little secret. Jen and Yarrow were super nervous before the ceremony. The officiant didn’t show till 5 minutes before the ceremony and the clouds started to look bad. So Vicki (the owner of Hubbel Homestead) and I made Jen and Yarrow go into the house to sit and wait for the ceremony to start. I wanted them to have some time to be with each other and relax. And I have to say the 2 minutes before the ceremony were so sweet- yes, they were nervous, but Jen brushed a hair out of Yarrow’s face…and just that little gesture was so damn loving. I seriously love that picture. It’s exactly the combination of emotions most people face literally seconds before their ceremony:  omg I’m about to be in front of all these people; crap, I hope I don’t trip and fall on my face; whhhhattt I’m getting married!!; I love my partner so much; omg omg omg we are about to do this thing!

And then they walked out to the ceremony….ceremony/reception pics tomorrow!

Everyone started arriving for the ceremony and the porch was perfect for people to relax on.


I LOVE your sky photos Kelly! I do not know how you make that happen, but the sky photo of Doug and I in the field is one of my most favorite shots from the day! -Jess