Howard County Conservatory Wedding in Woodstock, Maryland

Jessica and Doug had their wedding at the Howard County Conservatory. Full of amazing plants, fields of grass up to your thighs, goats, chickens and even an example of how to start your own compost pile(yay!), this place was perfect for Jessica and Doug. Not only did they use native plants as their centerpieces, which meant no dead flowers the next day but plants they could watch grow and flourish in their garden, they even used seating cards that were made from paper that contained seeds. On the cards, it instructed their guests to plant their seating cards to watch wildflowers grow! I loved it!

Doug really had the guest stand up and take notice because they played a bunch of 90’s rap and what did Doug do? He decided to take the mic and rap along! He even went to the balcony and had a few ladies dance around him.



Thanks for featuring us on your blog! The photos are great, we backed up our CDs and the minute we have a free second, we’ll pick out some items for a wall gallery. Thanks for the postcard full of inspiration. You rock!

Take care,