Hotel Monaco DC Wedding

In all the details of the wedding reception, Caitlin and Jarrett incorporated the Airforce theme. Each table had a different model aircraft, from a helicopter to a B-17 table. Little airplanes on the place cards? Gak! Genius. And Caitlin was super proud of her ‘Just Married’ sign she had made herself- with a Airforce twist (look closely).

After we had a lot of fun taking couple’s shots around the hotel, it was time for them to be announced into the reception room. And Charlie, their bulldog, was waiting to walk them in. He wasn’t too sure about the flower collar he was wearing. During the first dance he kept rolling around the floor trying to get it off. And eat the flowers. So he was given a reprieve and the collar was taken off so he could enjoy the party. Because everyone was enjoying the party. Both moms were up and dancing and it seemed like every guest was having at least a few minutes on the dance floor. And at the very end, to honor Caitlin’s roots, her dad sung a Irish Ballad that everyone joined in on to complete the evening. Let me tell you- listening to a thrilled father lead an entire room full of people into a song is just awesome. I think you could honestly hear the signing in the whole hotel. Now that’s an ending!


really gorge photos. great work!