Hoboken NJ Engagement

Though I shoot a lot in NYC, I had never been to Hoboken, which is just a few stops away. But with a promise of some fun train shots, I was pretty excited. But right as we started to get some shots inside the train station, a police officer came over. Did we have a permit?

This is the thing that drives me crazy. You can can websites and call offices till your blue in the face to ensure you don’t need a permit to shoot somewhere and still have problems. You are totally at the mercy of the officers on duty and whether or not it’s 100% crapola you need a permit, you have to listen. Well…sorta. I have started carrying most of my equipment in a really girly purse so I look like just some other tourist. It helps! And…ok, I sorta totally lied. I said Dan, poor Dan, was my brother and I was just taking some shots. We have brown hair! So we are SO siblings 😉 Katherine and Dan totally played along. High five for team work!

So after Mr.Officer said where we could shoot, I kept going. And we got a few more train shots. But as we walked into Hoboken, I was shocked at how many people were there. And how many places I wanted to shoot- like this garage. Yes, it’s a parking garage but the texture and shapes of the blocks totally caught my eye. My favorite shots of the day? In front of a parking garage. Yes, weird. But I love them!


Yay, it’s us! Yes, that was annoying with the officer–and on 9/11 of all days, I would’ve thought he would have better things to look out for than rogue photographers, but you were so quick on your feet! Me: *mmhmm sure ok smile and nod…*

The parking garage shots are totally my favorite too. Thanks for trekking all the way out to the Hoboken with us!