Hello Practical Wedding readers

I’m so excited to see both Desaray and Lauren and Sarah and Megan’s wedding featured on A Practical Wedding

Pictures: I really have no idea why I’m featuring two weddings back to back shot by the fabulous Kelly Prizel Photography (who’s work has never been on this site before). That’s kind of strange, huh? But maybe it’s some sort of clobber-you-over-the head message from the universe for one of you. Or maybe it’s just a weird coincidence.

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So I have been doing buckets of weddings and not blogging them because I have been traveling *every* weekend. So here’s a sneak peak of a wedding I did in the beginning of September. Jessica and Doug were so fun. You may remember Doug from his acrobatics at his engagement session(handstands, climbing trees, you name it). But one of my favorite things about the wedding? Doug rapped old school 90’s style on a balcony looking over all the guests. Oh yeah.

Did I mention the site had goats?? Yes, I did keep bleeting at the goats because they kept bleeting back. And then they followed me around!