Half a Team

I’m in the thick of it here in the studio. SO many projects and editing and clients are calling to me, stomping their feet, and saying hurry up. At least in my mind. This year June and July were THE crazy months instead of September and October….though I’m booked for those, at least I’m not doing dozens on engagement shoots at the same time! I’m so blessed to be busy busy busy and try to remind myself all the stuff will get done. Somehow or someway. And then Natalie left for CA for a Victorianist conference (you may all now laugh…they actually have a ball!!! Next year I pinky promise myself I’m going to dress up and go). For the longest time we have EVER been apart. Guess how long people? Guess.

In 10 years Natalie and I have never been apart for more than 9 days. I know. Crazy. We basically spend 24/7 together because I work from home and she’s writing her PhD dissertation from home. Usually a coffee shop while Katharine’s in the studio. Plus she’s a huge part of the team Kelly Prizel Photography. And I know a lot of people say ‘Thank God, I totally needed a break from my husband/wife/spouse”. But I have never felt that way. And nor has she. I has a first meeting with a couple last night and they were saying how they feel the same way. Thank you, please make me feel less crazy. I love doing my own thing but I don’t feel like it’s a needed break.

But when half your team goes off and does weird stuff like dress in bonnets (I’m now completely throwing her under the bus, it’s an academic conference too) I’m suddenly left with a crazy wedding season + 8 pets + making sure the house looks fab for clients/Katharine everyday = I’m tired. Eye twitchy tired. Half the things that were “Natalie” things are now my things. It’s not like I can’t feed myself/cook but it just tastes gross and takes twice the time. I can’t find *anything*. OMG. Please help me. I can never find anything, but Natalie’s like a lil eagle and can find anything. Me? After trying to find my shoes for a wedding for 30 minutes, I gave up….until I went into the car and remembered Natalie said she was going to put them there so I wouldn’t forget. I just looked at the shoes for 5 minutes in utter frustration.

Having half a team sucks. It’s just like a sad, deflated balloon. And half a team during this time of year is is challenging my work/life balance. As in I have no balance. But cats meow. And rabbits bump my leg for food. And my stomach refuses to shutup. And the giant leak must be dealt with. And I need to stare at a blank wall for 15 minutes after editing a wedding for hours.

Natalie comes back Saturday. I’ll be a hot mess after a wedding in NYC, I’ll crash at her parent’s apartment and probably, sometime around midnight, Natalie will slip into bed and snuggle me.


I love this post. I hate being without Eboni and I don’t want a break from her either, so I totally get it!