Grand plans of updating

So I had the idea I would have time to update the blog this week with a killer engagement session from Mandy and Bekah and post some sneak peak of images I did from a wedding this weekend (with a purple wedding dress mind you) but I’m trying to pack everything in before a video workshop tomorrow and then the B List conference.

So I got home from the wedding Monday afternoon, tried to crank out a few images from this weekends wedding to show the couple, spent all of Tuesday hand editing images so I could get the couple’s slideshow together for the reception in Hawaii this weekend. Today was spent frantically finishing another clients slideshow, emailing clients with upcoming weddings, putting together a wedding prep list, and now I’m about to pack for the conference. Tomorrow I will geek it out along with a bunch of other photographers at a video workshop for photographers. Then Friday I drive down to DC at the crack of dawn (literally) and have cocktails with a bijillion wedding vendors and finally get to meet all the other B List top wedding bloggers. Then Saturday is a full day spent with all the other bloggers talking about everything blog related! Yummy dinner to follow with fellow bloggers that night. Sunday I get to watch a demonstration in the morning, say goodbye to all the bloggers, get all ready for an engagement shoot/shoot the Georgetown engagement and promptly fall asleep Sunday night so I can wake up at 5am to drive back to New Haven.

Honestly, I’m hoping adrenaline can last till next Monday because I know I won’t be running on sleep.