Gracie's Restaurant Wedding

Rabbi Michael Beals started the ceremony, with a gorgeous orchid Chuppah designed by Flowers By Semia framing the whole event. Both sides of the the family stood up around the Chuppah, watching the ceremony unfold.
Gracie’s restaurant immediatly served cocktails and hor devours as the couple completed the ceremony. Because the reception was going to be held at small restaurant, there wouldn’t be much room for dancing. So the Hora was done in the ceremony space. I love it when people really get into the Hora because it’s such a fun experience to run around in circles and basically dance until you feel like falling on the floor and saying ‘uncle’. And then there is the raising of the chairs. People’s face before they go up, as they sit in that chair, is always like ‘omgomgomg am I really doing this?’. But usually, after a few seconds up in the chair, people burst out laughing and have a great time. After everyone was exhausted from the dancing, we headed over to Gracie’s to have dinner. Up pulled a trolly, ready to take us over.
Gracie’s was dark but lit with candlelight everywhere. Everyone sat down and got ready for the toasts, which were some of the most touching toasts ever. Andrea’s brother got up to give a toast and literally everyone was bawling- including Andrea. He described how as a little girl, Andrea would play a game called boat and she would try to fit all her stuffed animals on the ‘boat’ (aka the couch) to save them. And now, here she is, years later, working really hard to save animals as a veterinarian with her wife, also a veterinarian, and they really have filled their boat with animals in need.
And my favorite quote “Because nothing could be more sacred than the union between two women, 3 cats, and 2 dogs- one of which has 3 legs.”

Oh these pictures made my heart flutter! What a stunning couple, and what beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing them.