Gluten Free, Low-Fat Cookies

So when I went to the Mystic Aquarium with Lara awhile ago, she brought me some of the most delicious gluten-free super low fat/calorie cookies. She runs a baking blog, so you know they should be good. And, ohhhh yes, they were every bit as yummy as I hoped. So if you are having some celiacs over? Or have celiac disease yourself? Click that blog link and try them.

Because that’s exactly what we did. Natalie surprised me with a batch of the cookies a few minutes before our really good friends Emily and Sean came over. So we all indulged and enjoy the not-as-pretty-as-Lara’s cookies but just as yummy.

Natalie also indulged me by taking a few photos of me in my new scarf which I looooove. It’s a coral ikat pattern and I have been thinking up excuses to wear it. I was never a scarf girl but dang! So I decided as soon as she was done baking, we would take the photos….annnnnd as soon as we got outside Sean and Emily roll up in their car. Ya, you better believe I’m not vain enough to continue a photoshoot with my friends just waiting and staring at me. But I did get one photo I love. So that would explain all the cookie shots at night below except the one of me trying to look like a fashion model in 30 seconds.


Seriously, these are the best things ever.