Glen Echo Park Engagement // Roma and Chris

I was fresh off vacation, sitting in the lobby of the Hyatt Regency, waiting for Roma and Chris. I was about to shoot a wedding the next day at this gorgeous hotel. In walks Roma and Chris. And my mom. I realized I had asked my Mom to bring me a few things for the wedding the next day that I had left at her house. Roma and Chris were great, my mom was beaming and talking about how great I was. They shook her hand and smiled back, not thrown off at all. I was beet red. Finally we got to sit, talk and just connect. Everything coming out of their mouths was literally music to my ears. They had looked at my website, blog, Facebook, etc and really knew what my style was and who I was. They even showed my blog off to family and friends to get the go ahead. Was I the right one? Yes!! They picked up the metal album I offer, my the exact album that is my own wedding album, and fell in love.

We talked about activities for an engagement session and when Chris said he played football for fun, he paused. Could we…is it even possible…to shoot engagement shots at a football field? I shot up in my chair, hell yes! I immediately started throwing ideas out there and was already planning the whole thing in my mind. When they left, I was so full of ideas, I walked around the lobby and just soaked it all in. Later, I found out Chris said that me being so excited about a football shoot, something he wanted but thought no one would go for, was the icing on the cake.

So football is was and big thank to Silver Immersion, who did Roma’s hair and makeup. And they will be doing Roma’s makeup on her wedding day too!


This is so beautiful, I can’t wait to take photos like this one day!

This is so beautiful, I can’t wait to take photos like this one day.

OMG RUBIK’S CUBE TATTOO!!! Love this set Kelly!

I LOVE these, Kelly! They’re so vivid!