Getting married in CT or NYC?

Remember this post? The one where I talked about being terrified of what I was going to do after art school. The post where I confessed art school did not prep me in anyway to know what options I had to make a living?

But, and here’s the big but, the post ALSO said there is an amazing museum in NYC who is looking to help kids understand how many different and interesting options they have if they decide to go to art school. And this museum contacted me. They had been looking for a wedding photographer to showcase in their video and wanted to document how I work at weddings. They wanted to shoot me, shooting an LGBT couple throughout their wedding day. Cue me wanting to barf thinking about how dumb I’ll look but quickly throwing that aside because this was such a cool project.

And that’s where you come in!

Because I’m looking for an LGBT couple who is getting married December-May on a date that I’m still available on. You must be getting married in CT or NYC. And most importantly, you must be ok with a videographer and an assistant being present. They will be doing video of me and how I work, so there will be no interruption to your wedding. However, they will be present for most of the day. Whichever couple I photograph will receive a significant discount in exchange for opening up your wedding to this documentary.

Please email me at with your names, wedding date, wedding venue, and a little bit about yourself.