Gay Wedding Photographer // Roundup of LGBT Weddings 2011

Blue weddings dresses. Skipping down the aisle. Times Square. Tractors. 2011 had me driving and flying all over the country to shoot gay weddings. I’m actually in the middle of doing several wedding albums from this year as many of the couples contacted me to pull together a lovely book. So I’m already reliving many moments from these couples. Which I totally get a kick out of! So I’m hoping when they get their albums that I can smack a huge ‘Legally Hitched and Federally Approved’ sticker on a cute tag. So enjoy 2011 and all these sweet couples.
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Such a great collage!

Melissa of craftgasm

Seriously adorable.

And I also want to smack you for being too good like Meigh does. Mostly for funsies. 🙂

Ugh, your work is so good I wanna smack you sometimes. 🙂 Also, I got the exact same expression on my face as I had in the picture when I saw it here today. Thanks for the extra joy.