Gay Marriage Passes in Maryland

So in September of 2008, Natalie and I had our formal wedding or what I call our “big Jewish, illegal wedding”. Despite the fact that on that day, we were not legally being married in the eyes of the state or federal government, we were being married in the eyes of our faith and our community. We loved our wedding venue, Woodend Sanctuary in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

So when I saw that gay marriage was legalized in Maryland last night, I felt a bit like this:

Image Courtesy of Michael Bonfigili

I wanted to go around and high-five everyone! The state where I got married is finally going to allow same-sex couples to legally get married. It has some more hoops to go through and I’ll be watching closely, but I want to somehow honor this moment in history. I want to go back to Woodend and say a prayer. Or just do a few fist pumps. So I’m suddenly emailing my Rabbi. “Hey, so…this probably isn’t a common request but what’s the best prayer for honoring the place you got not-legally married, but are legally married now in CT, but want to mark this down in your brain because this stuff is BIG. This is history. This is stuff I’ll tell our kids.”

So virtual high-fives to everyone today.


YAY! So happy for you and all the other couples that have been denied a “legal” marriage in their home state. May you soon be celebrating again at Woodend and may we all be photographing many gay weddings with the appropriate paperwork starting as soon as possible! (PS: First time visiting your site with the new logo and such – looks great! I read but in my RSS feed.) 😉

My DREAM (!!!!!) is to photograph another gay couple at Woodend when MD gets all it’s paperwork together. And thankies for the site love. I can’t wait to have you shoot us- whether it’s a small prayer or whatever it is, back at Woodend.
BTW- I’m going to be in DC a lot in March (kinda insanely so) and would love to see you.

SO MANY HIGH FIVES! So happy for you, Natalie, and all the other couples who can now legally marry in MD!

I know!! We keep inching closer n closer to equality.