Gallaher Estate Mansion Wedding

The clouds were really starting to grumble as I was taking my last shots of Brianne and Amanda on the Norwalk Railroad Station. I was yelling across the tracks from the platform for them to lean in and kiss when I heard a guy behind me say, “Uhoh, here is comes”. And just like that, big fat raindrops fell on me like someone had poured a bucket of water over my head. As I ran into the station, I could see from across the way, Brianne grab Amanda’s dress and them holding each other as they dashed into the station. And that continued all day. Holding umbrellas for each other, helping each other smooth down soaked hair, watching out for mud and finding a tiny porch to have the ceremony at when the rain refused to stop.

Amanda and Brianne traveled all the way from Nashville to get legally married, and as Justice Dan was receiting their ceremony, you could see how excited they were. I was balancing holding an umbrella to keep from getting drenched and shooting the ceremony- you would think all this commotion of squeezing on a porch, the rain pouring down, my umbrella swaying to and fro as I tried to keep it from blowing away, would cause a flustered couple. But they were here, in CT, and they were getting married! So nothing but happy vows and crying family filled the ceremony.


Two people so in love is glorious to see and thank you for sharing. May your union last forever and you be blessed for the rest of your lives!