Fuller Craft Museum Wedding

Andy and Shiami married in the middle of fall in this alcove the Fuller Craft Museum house between building. They set up some decor to define the ceremony space which I happen to always love because 1. it looks great in photos 2. it helps attendants/officiants know where to go! And my favorite part of the set up were two chalkboard leaning against two pillars that serves as a program. It stated who was the officiant, the attendants, and various other info. Perfectly eco-friendly and an easy DIY project to boot!

The reception was lit with pink and orange lights that tied in with their bright colored decoration. With a friend DJ’ing and lots of air guitar from Andy, the night was packed full of sweaty guests dancing up a storm. The last dance was “Don’t Stop Believing” which got everyone into full air guitar mode and a huuuuge hug at the end. It was so fun to stand and just watch everyone squish Shiami and Andy into a giant hug.

I love this shot! I grabbed them literally 15 seconds after their ceremony to do a few couple shots. Perfect time to get shots the just are packed with joy you can’t get at any other time during the day. Or ever again. It’s this special time window that is just amazing to share with them and capture.


Just stumbled on your web site poking around at dresses on google images – Love your style!!