Firehouse Museum New York City Offbeat Wedding

The New York skyline and lights blinked right outside the reception windows. Marissa and Acacia stood up. They clasped hands and waited to hear loved ones say some nice things to them. And they did… Sort of. As Marissa and Acacia’s friends regaled the guests with failed past relationships, hilarious stories- they were more candid then basically any wedding I have been to. Acacia’s head fell forward as she laughed. Marissa’s mouth open wide as she gasped in disbelief of the things her friends were revealing. Guests quietly try to avoid choking on their champagne.
This background of levity and celebration came up again and again throughout the day. Acacia and her attendants gladly put on the firefighter hats as a giant nod to the Firefighter Museum New York venue the couple had picked. They pulled and tug on their hats to get them on right as they leaned against the giant, red, firetruck door.
And for as much fun and laughter as everyone enjoyed, Marissa and Acacia got to walk the streets of New York City and enjoy each other. With Acacia helping Marissa pick up her dress, they pause long enough for a waiter to catch a glimpse of them. He asked if they wanted to sit down for a moment and before they knew it, two champagne glasses appeared. The spirit of New York City was celebrating Marissa and Acacia with gorgeous city views, free champagne, and lots of memories to laugh at later.

Florist: Jennifer J Banks // Hair and Makeup: Jenny // Caterer: Hill Country Barbecue // Cake: By The Way Bakery // DJ: A DJ and a Photographer
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