February is rabbit adoption month

February is rabbit adoption month and as someone who has fostered rabbits or had her own for 10 years, I wanted to talk about how awesome they are as pets. You need to dive into their mindset because they have certain needs that are very different from your typical cat or dog. These are creatures designed to be prey animals. They are coming into life from the perspective of being hunted down for food. This is the biggest difference between bunnies and your dog or cat.


So when you get a bunny, you have to look at the world as though everything could be dangerous. They’re more skittish with loud noises. They’re are less inclined to come over and asked to be pet. They don’t like being held. Which could be taken as a negative thing, but I love how quirky and different they are. I love that they forced me to go outside of my usual comfort zone. I have to sit down, be quiet and let them approach me at their own pace. I love that their perspective is so very different from my own.

And if you’re awesome enough to look at the world through a bunnies eyes, they will grow bolder and more comfortable with you. You have to put in the work to make friends with them but the benefits are enormous. I love walking into my office to see two little rabbits munching on hay. I walk in purposefully, knowing they are sensitive. Because I respect them and they’re different perspective, they respect me as well.

So they’re more than excited to hop over and see what vegetables I might have to offer or investigate the pants I’m wearing that day. And while some might think of rabbits as quiet animals, I see them as anything but. Rabbits grunt, growl, oink (yes) and make a variety of noises with their feet as well to alert other rabbits/me to different things going on.

This February is rabbit adoption month. I would definitely say that you enter a rabbit’s world and not the other way around.

So the first thing you need to do if you’re thinking about adopting a rabbit is look into the local rescues in your area. The largest organization is called the house rabbit society. I have fostered for them in the past and greatly respect this organization. The best thing you can do is go out and educate yourself. Look at the house rabbit society website. Purchase books endorsed by the organization. And get your mindset out of the idea of having a rabbit in a hutch in the backyard. That’s not where they belong. They belong in your home and in your life. They can be litter box trained. They love toys. They even purr!!!

february-adopt-a-rabbit-month-2 february-adopt-a-rabbit-month

So if you were thinking about welcoming a rabbit into your home, go check out the house rabbit society. And if you have any questions or you just want to get in touch with the fellow rabbit mom, go over to Instagram and say hello.